software as a service

software as a service (saas)

cloud based applications, which access is provided with a subscription licensing model. the application hosting is provided by the service vendor, who then makes it available to the end customer over the internet.

a channel dedicated to launching and running your own saas business
wednesday 20th, december 2023
"you may tweak an email list signup form, try a different caption when sharing your video on social media, or switch up the photo you use to promote your product..."
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"this handbook helps tech startup founders improve their product, growth, recruiting, and fundraising. here are the core lessons, which you can read in any order..."
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friday 15th, december 2023
"when starting a new business, getting your first 10 customers is super hard. if you can do it though, it’s a huge milestone. it means that you’re much more likely to be able to get to 100..."
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"link building has changed… but it still plays a vital role in achieving a higher search engine ranking. first it was simple directory submissions. then came the pbn’s. but now only high quality links from legit businesses move the needle..."
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"in our experience, founders are often surprised to learn that there are very few routes to scalable new customer acquisition. for consumer companies, there are only three growth “lanes” that comprise the majority of new customer acquisition..."
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sunday 10th, december 2023
"over and over again, people spend fortunes building a product or service, only to discover that nobody wants it. this is called “lack of market need” and according to cb insights, it is responsible for over 42% of business failures. these are the kinds of dumb ideas you see people pitch on tv, or that your friend who fancies themself an amateur inventor mentions after a few drinks..."
source: // juicy jay format: text year: 2022 cache:  webarchive provided by: eric
"when i set out to raise the seed round for mentava (an edtech startup to accelerate childhood learning) earlier this year, i knew it would be a challenge. i was a solo, non-technical, first-time founder, pre-product, pre-team, without an impressive resume or connections to the investors i wanted..."
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"for a hypothetical startup, a 60% reduction in infrastructure costs boosts sales efficiency by 11% & net income margin by at least 12%. that means reducing the payback period from 21 to 18 months. these simple calculations ignore the additional margin improvements arising from depreciating the servers which should add a few more percentage points to the bottom line..."
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thursday 7th, december 2023
"i realized recently that what one thinks about in the shower in the morning is more important than i'd thought. i knew it was a good time to have ideas. now i'd go further: now i'd say it's hard to do a really good job on anything you don't think about in the shower..."
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"with subscription businesses so widespread, consumers say companies must now innovate to grab attention, with nrg citing examples like netflix offering mobile games and on’s subscription-based running shoes..."
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