conversion rate optimization

conversion rate optimization (cro)

Discover techniques to increase, improve and optimize the conversions of product purchasing, requests of quotes, service subscriptions, newsletter forms, account creations, call to action (cta), copy-writing and page speed. and speed. a lot of speed.

increase customer lifetime value and understand your customers/users/visitors behavior better.
saturday 1st, june 2024
"this is the main problem owners have when they’re trying to write something that’s supposed to persuade people into taking action..."
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thursday 30th, may 2024
"page loading speed matters. you know that. here's how to increase page speed by simply adding a few lines of code to your .htaccess file..."
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saturday 9th, december 2023
"remember (or imagine) the days before the internet. you’d walk into a store and a salesman might try to give you information about the products you are interested in, offer discounts, let you know that there’s a super easy return policy, and encourage you to make a purchase today instead of waiting until tomorrow..."
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"largest contentful paint (lcp) makes the assumption that the largest visible element is the most important content from the visitors’ perspective; however, we don’t have a choice about which element it measures. lcp may not be measuring the most appropriate – or even the same – element for each page view..."
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thursday 7th, december 2023
"css is critical to rendering a page, browser will not begin rendering until all css has been found, downloaded, and parsed so it is imperative that we get it onto a user’s device as fast as we possibly can. any delays on the critical path affect our start render and leave users looking at a blank screen..."
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wednesday 6th, december 2023
"when it comes to site speed, many companies struggle to see the bigger picture. instead of creating a personalised plan that intelligently reduces page speeds across their site, they focus on an individual, one-size-fits-all tactics that promise quick results. for instance, lazy loading is a tactic that speeds up page load times and is generally considered a best practice. however, if it’s indiscriminately applied to everything, including your largest contentful paint element, it actually negatively impacts one of your most crucial page speed metrics..."
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"the key and overarching goal of css containment is to enable rendering performance improvements of web content by providing predictable isolation of a dom subtree from the rest of the page..."
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tuesday 5th, december 2023
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sunday 1st, october 2023
"the checkout page is a critical junction of the customer journey. a strategically-built checkout page can boost the conversion rate and bring the cart abandonment rate down. this article gives you actionable tips and strategies to put things in order..."
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